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CEDIA 2018 Expo - Show Report 
We wanted to thank you all for making our CEDIA Expo so much fun! We packed a lot of activities in just a few short days, and we are happy that we managed to talk to many of you.

Here is a quick recap...

CEDIA Awards Banquet: Three projects that our engineering group designed won top honors:

  • Best Home Cinema Level IV - with One Touch Living
  • Best Media Room Level II - with Audio Images
  • Best Media Room Level III - with Audio Images

Take a look at the CEDIA Blog for more info:

Note this very cool mention on the blog:
“Audio Images from Tustin, California, swept the Media Room categories, winning both Level II and III awards… Anthony Grimani served as an audio consultant on both rooms, both of which required careful calibrations of spaces with unusual footprints.”


Expo Booth: Our new powered tower speaker, Tau, garnered a lot of attention from visitors to the booth. Demos were done off site – see note below.

Tau, shown here flanked by Anthony Grimani on one side and our “flamethrower” Alpha speaker on the other side, grows our lineup to 9 powered speaker systems, and it adds more options and flexibility for 2-channel audiophile and media room users. Its built-in amplification, room EQ, and application interface make it a cinch to put together a truly great sounding system.

ESD431 Home Theater Design Workshop: This class, co-taught with Richard Green - the most decorated CEDIA volunteer of all time - is a yearly highlight for CEDIA members that have gone through the full set of home theater courses. They get to design a room from scratch in a small group setting using architectural plans, engineering guidelines, and a very entertaining client interview. One student came up to us at the end and said, ”This was the best class I have ever taken from the entire curriculum of CEDIA and InfoComm.” Wow, what an honor!

Tau Listening Party: On Friday night we threw a listening party for 40 guests at a luxurious private residence overlooking San Diego bay. The idea was to showcase our new Tau speakers in a residential environment rather than the loud and inadequate rental demo rooms on the expo floor. For this event, we put Tau to the test in a blind A-B listening comparison against well-known and well-designed speakers from Revel and electronics from McIntosh. The two systems were level-matched to within 0.5dB for best accuracy. Right out the box, the two systems performed admirably side by side; then we tuned Tau using the built-in digital processing and our advanced room correction analysis. That’s when the afterburners kicked in. Everyone unanimously agreed that selection B sounded much better, offering a broader listening sweet spot and no sense of music coming out of a box. Selection B was the pair of Tau speakers! Those positive comments are thanks to our unique and patented mid and high frequency wave guide, along with high quality engineering and components. Also note that our total system weight is 120 pounds versus the competition at 320 pounds. A case of David and Goliath, maybe?

Tau will go into production towards the end of 2018, so place your orders now if you are looking for a product in this form factor.


One of the party attendees sent us a glowing email. Here is an excerpt:

“…the performance is simply astounding. In addition to the incredible performance during the A-B tests, the form factor was beautiful… You’ve got a winner on your hands, as both the performance and the style is second to none… I appreciate your company’s efforts to advance the state of the art…”

Lance Fletcher
President - ElectroShops, LLC

We were amazed to note that guests stayed well into the night, enjoying the music, the company, and maybe some of the wine, cheese, and fine Mexican food. It’s a reminder that music can bring people together and be a catalyst for good conversation and a great party. To a strange extent, the speakers as performers need to visible as an object of focus. Imagine going to see Diana Krall perform behind a white scrim cloth… it wouldn’t be a good show! Maybe the same applies to speakers; they become the performer, and may just need to be seen, as long as they’re not ugly!


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