Friday, November 29, 2013

High Performance Installations: San Jose Audiophiles

An audiophile family dedicated the living room of their single-family home in San Jose, California to the pursuit of high-quality sound and picture. They had already purchased top-of-the-line electronics and loudspeakers, and after attending a presentation by Anthony Grimani at Century Stereo last fall, decided it was time to upgrade the acoustics of their listening room. Anthony measured the space, ran acoustical tests on the room, and determined the needed corrections and upgrades. MSR supplied an acoustical tuning system mainly composed of Dimension4 Symphony modules and coordinated the installation.   

This is one of the first installation of MSR's new Eclypse Drape - it has the look of a rich velour fabric, but is actually acoustically-transparent fabric on top of blackout vinyl with thick strips of flannel absorptive material. This drape provides the correct balance of absorption and diffusion, while avoiding the common effect of a solid drape over-absorbing a room.


PMI Engineering dispatched chief engineer, Manny LaCarrubba, to calibrate the electronics and loudspeakers in the room. Manny used the digital equalization functions inside the Classé ultra-high-end surround processor to tune the speaker responses to the room's character. After extensive listening tests to 2-channel and multi-channel audio and film program material, the clients were pleased as punch and gave great kudos to MSR's acoustical tuning systems!
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