Friday, November 5, 2010

PMI Designs High-End Listening Stations for Magnolia Design Centers in Northern California

PMI recently designed listening rooms at four of Magnolia’s northern California design centers (San Francisco, San Carlos, Roseville, Mission Valley). Located inside Best Buy® stores, these four Magnolia Design Centers now feature high-quality stations with four listening axes to deliver optimal sound performance from any location or direction in the room. 

With our extensive technical knowledge and expertise in the engineering of high quality listening rooms, we designed and specified acoustical tuning systems to suit each room’s size and needs. The acoustical tuning systems are supplied by MSR Acoustics, using a combination of Sonata and Symphony modules from their new Dimension4™ collection. Dimension4™ features three systems, each of which includes a set of modules designed to deliver a clearer, smoother and more immersive audio experience. 

Anthony Grimani explains, "The challenge that Magnolia presented was to have all four corners of these new listening rooms sound great. Thanks to the flexibility, performance, and superb tuning ability of MSR’s acoustical systems, we were able to achieve their goals. We created a unique environment where listeners will be able to hear the subtle differences in various levels of speakers, all in the same space."

Pictured here are views from each side of the room to show the listening angle and the products being demonstrated. 

All four locations are now live so check them out in person to see/hear first-hand the difference high-quality audio and acoustical tuning has made in these spaces. For more information on MSR's Dimension4 acoustical tuning products, visit their website at

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