Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PMI Engineers Indoor Treehouse Screening Room in Atlanta

A few years ago, PMI partnered with Triad to launch three new home theater audio packages for customers desiring complete turnkey design + product solutions. Each package includes a fully engineered design, a set of loudspeakers appropriate for the room, and an acoustical treatment package that takes control of the speaker-room-listener interface. 

This project in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, Georgia, started off as a PMI/Triad Cinema Plus project, working with Design Media Group. The brief was to add a room into the upper area of a high-ceilinged condo penthouse - literally hanging from the roof structure! PMI designed the layout of the room architecture and specified the audio/video system. We supported the construction process and calibrated the system in its final stages.
"Sonically, this room is quite spectacular, and the client is very happy," says Peter Chakales with Design Media Group. "We recently played a virgin vinyl copy of Steely Dan's Gaucho and it was just beautiful!"
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