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High Performance Installations

At 7th Street Media Station in Santa Monica, California, MSR was brought in to help the client convert a large open space into a multi-purpose room. The new room incorporates (1) a voiceover and control space, (2) multichannel mixing and sound production, (3) green-screen soundstage, and (4) a cool hang-out lounge. MSR engineered the solution, created the plans, and supplied a combination of SõN Acoustics and  ZSound Ensemble modules to tune the space for all of its applications.

According to Mark Viehas, "The initial listening experience has been remarkable. In a hybrid film editorial /shoot /record and mix room designed to be flexible, spacious and above all comfortable over a long day, Tony has created a sound environment that's spot-on from all angles."


Infinity Custom Systems of San Jose, California chose a Dimension4 Sonata 250 system to tune the acoustics of a home theater remodel. MSR helped design the space and supplied the acoustical tuning system. Specifying this kind of space was almost effortless using Dimension4 as it was designed: measure the space and pick the appropriate system for its size, it's really that easy! PMI's chief engineer Manny LaCarrubba did the audio calibration.

In Northern California, integrator Home Theater Solutions (HTS) reached out to PMI to help engineer the interior acoustics of their client's new home cinema. After extensive analysis of the room's acoustical properties, PMI specified a customized Dimension4™ Symphony system including C-Fuser 2D diffusers, Tri-Fuser 3D diffusers, and a selection of absorbers to tame the room's characteristic thumbprint. We put SpringTraps in the front corners of the room to damp the low frequency standing wave energy and keep it from muddying up the prodigious Meridian speakers.

At the end of the installation, Anthony Grimani was on-site to configure the Meridian 861 ultra high-end surround decoder, and tune the room correction system for smooth bass and best speaker integration. But it wasn't easy. This is the kind of project where MSR's engineering expertise was needed to resolve some unique complexities which installers and integrators are not always able to do on their own. It's where our team excels, and where we can provide tremendous added-value for projects that demand premier performance and functionality.  

For more info on MSR's innovative acoustical solutions, please visit our website.


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For more info on MSR's innovative acoustical solutions, please visit our website.

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