Thursday, October 17, 2013

PMI and Audio Images Sweep CEDIA's 2013 Electronic Lifestyle Awards

PMI and integrator Audio Images won five of the top awards for Home Theater Technical Design excellence at this year’s CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles® Awards, more than any other company in this year’s Home Theater category!

Winning the Best Overall Home Theater and a Gold Technical Design award (in the $1M & up category) was an opulent theater that is part of a drop-dead gorgeous entertainment wing of an extravagant estate in Irvine, California. In addition to a state-of-the-art home theater, the entertainment wing includes a pizzeria, nightclub, and vintage arcade. A monumental project like this needed an equally monumental team which included TK Theaters (designer) and SH Acoustics (engineering design). This project was also featured on HGTV’s “Million Dollar Rooms” where Theo Kalomirakis gave a personal tour of this amazing space. Click to read the full story on this project.  Click here to see the HGTV video.

Winning a Gold Technical Design award (in the $251-350k category) was a refined high-quality Orange County, California, dedicated home cinema features full-on sound isolation, carefully engineered AV, acoustics, ventilation and noise control, along with an interior style that matches a modern-whimsical interior décor in the rest of the artistically conceived house. The homeowner is a fan of high-quality products, but couldn’t tolerate any level of product failure or control system uncertainties, so the project had to yield a dedicated home cinema room with high quality sound and picture, proper sound privacy, carefully crafted esthetics standards, and ease of use. Click to read the full story.

A Gold Technical Design award (in the $151-250k category) was given to a project where the main objectives were to create a 10-seat home cinema with outstanding picture and sound, privacy from the main living spaces of the residence, and a design style that flowed naturally into the rest of the home. The client wanted the basement cinema in their new custom beachfront home in Dana Point, California to follow the traditional architectural look of the house. It had to retain the classical decor while being comfortable and delivering high performance quality. Click to read the full story.

Rounding out our winning streak was a Silver Technical Design award (in the $151-250k category) for a high-quality home theater on a waterfront property in Newport Beach, California. This client wanted a dedicated theater that could open up into the rest of the house for a variety of entertaining options. We created full sound isolation while using a side archway to open up the room to the rest of the house. Click to read the full story.

Congratulations to Audio Images and all of our partners and vendors who worked on these extraordinary projects. We are thrilled and honored to be part of these winning teams!

Click here to see the complete CEDIA award list. 

For more info and photos on PMI portfolio projects, please visit our website.


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