Thursday, September 12, 2013

Whimsical Showcase Cinema

This refined high-quality Orange County, California, dedicated home cinema features full-on sound isolation, carefully engineered AV, acoustics, ventilation and noise control, along with an interior style that matches a modern-whimsical interior d├ęcor in the rest of the artistically conceived house.

The homeowner is a fan of high-quality products, but couldn’t tolerate any level of product failure or control system uncertainties, so the project had to yield a dedicated home cinema room with high quality sound and picture, proper sound privacy, carefully crafted esthetics standards, and ease of use.

The original framing scheme in this basement room tied the wood structures to the joists of the ceiling system. We had to rebuild the framing to isolate it from the joists, in order to reach the requisite sound isolation. The traffic flow and ergonomics required a rework of the doorway, and the size and location of the equipment closet on back right of room.

The original ventilation duct passages were very undersized and ran in tight quarters. We had to re-engineer the duct passages in order to get enough air in and out of the room, while ensuring very low background noise.

A network of wood pilaster with backlit corner lights provide the panache while a full dress of stretched fabric conceals the loudspeakers, acoustical treatments, and all the wiring that drives signals through the AV system.

The sound levels had to reach 105dB per channel while not being heard in the great room above. The dialog intelligibility and signal clarity needed to be top level. A Triad Gold 9 speaker and 4 subwoofer sound system creates the immersive sonic experience at all of the seats of this two-row cinema. An HD projector lights up the 140-inch screen to high-resolution cinematic brightness levels. An ten Fortress-brand seats invite the customers and their guest to come in, sit down and enjoy a visceral movie experience.

The picture illumination needed to be around 20 Ft/Lamberts. The picture resolution and clarity needed to match the highest level of HD 1080P ratings.

All products were carefully engineered and chosen for optimal integration of value, quality, and reliability. Simplicity of operation was also key to client satisfaction so advanced and careful system automation programming was key!

The client rewarded the design, construction and AV team's efforts by stating "It's the room we use the most in the house; it is great!"

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