Friday, September 27, 2013

Delivering Ultra-High Definition

This is a jewel box dedicated theater in an ultra-modern home. Sleek décor and lighting with comfortable seating. The objective was to give a really small room the feeling of a big-sound, big-picture screening room, with high-quality styling and equipment. The clients wanted a sleek and elegant look to match the luxurious aesthetic of rest of their modern home, with high-end architectural values. They wanted a room with a warm vibe, with styling that departed from the traditional theater with columns and proscenium.

The left wall door was at a critical acoustical location and we placed an absorber panel on it. The entire back wall was originally hard wood cabinetry, so we cut out some of the doors and installed fabric panels, both to conceal wideband absorbers and to take advantage of diffusion from inside the cabinets which contained shelving, CDs, gear, etc.

We specified a 153” PMI 2.0 acoustically-transparent screen with 2:1 aspect ratio, along with a 4k projector. All three top-of-the-line Meridian speakers were placed behind the screen at reference angles. A system of four JL Audio subwoofers are distributed throughout the room in a way that eliminates standing waves. We installed a full Meridian digital 7.1 channel system with HDMI switching, and using digital equalization in the Meridian processor.

The acoustical tuning package includes Dimension4 Sonata absorber and diffuser modules, bass traps, and ceiling treatment units. All were carefully engineered and placed following latest findings from research into psychoacoustics. Equipment racks were concealed down the hallway.

In the end, this is a small room that produces an immersive picture with really big sound without ever feeling cramped. We call this result “ultra high definition.”


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