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White-Glove Service for Garage Conversion

PMI offers a whole range of services, from acoustical layouts of the simplest entertainment space, to interior and lighting design, full space 3D renderings, and concierge service. This is an example of a project where we helped a small integrator by providing a full suite of services including complete project management.

In a small town in Virginia, this was the first large-scale project for a local integrator who called upon the experts at PMI to not just engineer the space, but to roll out white-glove concierge service for his discerning client. What the integrator also realized was that bringing in a higher level of expertise and big-picture thinking enabled him to build increased revenue into the budget by getting the client excited about the additional value and functionality he could achieve with the space. 

The homeowner is CEO of a large coal mining company and he had very clear ideas about what he wanted for his dedicated – and not at all prototypical - home theater. While working on a previous project for this client, he informed the integrator – Rick Ratliff, owner of Alpine Audio - that he was remodeling the house and wanted to include a “world-class home theater.” That was when Rick contacted PMI to partner with him on this project. We were given the space of a one-car garage to transform, and we started by creating the highly detailed 3D rendered planset that is our specialty. We discovered the client had no concept of what a world-class theater really was, but the team brought him along nicely. One of his first comments was “that projector costs more than my first house!”

Since this was a garage, we had to compensate for the sloping concrete floor and the close proximity to the laundry room and kitchen. Another consideration was ventilation for the projector which had to live in the garage. After more than two months planning and engineering work, the homeowner decided to rotate the room 90 degrees, so we then had re-configured the plans to accommodate. 

The audio system was original budgeted at $30k but when we described to the homeowner the level he could reach for extraordinary presentation, he bumped it up to $90k!

We installed Wisdom Audio P38i, a point source loudspeaker that radiates its sonic energy outward in an expanding sphere, as though from a point in space; this model was specifically designed for in- and on-wall applications. We also specified JL Audio Fathom powered subwoofers – the combination of dual ultra-long throw W7 12-inch drivers and a very powerful switching amplifier give these jaw-dropping performance capabilities at any listening level. 

We installed MSR’s Dimension4™ Sonata Plus system which is their premier acoustical tuning system for fabric covered walls.

The 120” acoustically-transparent woven screen includes a PMI 2.0 screen format and 4-way remote-controlled masking system. A Titan 3D digital projector was installed to deliver a truly state-of-the-art presentation; this projector is robust and extremely quiet.

Beyond engineering the space and specifying the equipment, this project involved many hours of creative and detailed problem-solving, as well as complete project management from beginning to end - from the big-picture level, down to the smallest detail. Presented with the finished product, the client and his family were thrilled, exclaiming that we had exceeded his expectations!



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