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PMI Engineers Practice & Recording Studio

PMI designed and engineered a practice and recording studio in a luxury home in Northern California. The dedicated space inside the home needed complete sound isolation so the client could play, practice and record music without sound leaking into the rest of the house. PMI specified suspended walls, a sound door, and a range of acoustical panels and treatments to make the room sound great for its many uses. The plan drawing below shows one of the walls where we specified SõN™ Acoustic System Modules by MSR Acoustics - and to the right of that is the finished space showing the same wall in its final state, complete with Pete Townshend decorated acoustically transparent curtain using the high-quality printing process from the Salon Acoustics ™ line of decorative acoustical panels. For more information on PMI projects and services, please visit our website . For information on acoustical tuning systems and treatments from MSR Acoustics, click here .

Performance Media Industries, Ltd.

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