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How Many Subwoofers to Use and Where to Put Them

Read Anthony Grimani's column in the May issue of Residential Systems... "We need to stop reinventing the wheel where bass is concerned. I’ve met two industry veterans recently who’ve espoused very antiquated ideas as if they were new revelations of “purist” audio. We abandoned these ideas more than 10 years ago because they don’t produce smooth, tight bass for the whole audience. There’s a better way to do it. We don’t use full-range speakers to play bass anymore. We don’t have separate subwoofers for each main channel or the LFE. That’s because in the worst-case scenario, that approach can lead to absolutely no bass in the main seating area of a home cinema because of inherent standing wave resonance issues. Let’s review." > CLICK TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE For more info on our products and services, please visit our website .

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