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Proper Documentation at the Start of the Project Makes All the Difference

Check out Anthony Grimani's column in the May issue of Residential Systems... "I am standing in my backyard in disbelief, looking at the partially complete fence that I asked a contractor to build to keep the ravenous Northern California deer from eating my priceless heirloom tomatoes. These deer are gymnasts. They can jump over a 6-foot fence from a standing position all day long, especially if a salad buffet is open on the other side. My disbelief comes from the fact that the fence ended up being different from what we agreed upon. The contractor had showed me a picture on his iPhone that was exactly what I wanted: a nice, simple fence. What he built was totally different…time to disassemble and start over. What went wrong here? It wasn’t communication. We were clear about what was to be built, and he even proposed the design! The problem was documentation. In my haste to get back to the office to continue designing the world’s top home cinemas, I failed to draw the agr

MSR Acoustics Launches Living Sound Acoustical Art Panels

SR Acoustics introduces a new series of artwork from its Living Sound™ line of sound-control art panels. The new series features paintings by celebrated artist Merryl Jaye, with stunning portraits of music legends Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Diana Krall, and John Coltrane. Living Sound panels are designed to enhance the acoustical character of living and media spaces by controlling the sound reflections and echoes. The panels are used to improve overall sound performance, and to quiet noisy spaces   in variety residential, pro, and commercial spaces. Using a proprietary printing process that ensures color fidelity, longevity, and acoustical quality, Living Sound panels offer the highest performance and aesthetic value. The core of these panels is a scientifically-designed and rigorously-tested set of materials that provide absorption and diffusion, the two most important treatment elements for effective room acoustics. While there are many imitations on the market, no other sound

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