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Evangelizing the Audiophiles

Anthony Grimani was invited to speak to the San Diego Music and Audio Guild on the importance of acoustics for listening rooms and home theaters; more than 50 audio hobbyists attended.  In a thank-you note, Guild organizers B. Jan Montana and Jim Lindstrom said, “Your presentation was entertaining, logical, progressive and comprehensible by neophytes. It removed all doubts about the importance of acoustics. We’ve been advocating room treatment and EQ for years, but they keep wasting money on wires and turntable stands, rather than dealing with the real problems. You've brought God's honest truth home to them. You're doing more for accurate sound reproduction than any audio magazine.” 

On the Road Again - China Dealer & Press Tour

Working on another great project with Karl Mautner and Integr8 in China , Anthony Grimani flew to Shanghai to do the final calibration on a world-class home theater. The home is marvelously appointed with the finest materials. Located next to an indoor lap pool, the theater is a fusion of classical and Chinese design form, and is dressed with Cine-Living fabrics. The Triad Cinema Plus speaker package is driven by a set of Theta Dreadnought amps, all controlled by AMX. The system includes a 16 channel Ashly digital audio processor to fine-tune the nine speakers and 12 subwoofers. An awesome dual-stacked Runco  D-113d projector lights up the 180” wide 2.39 screen. Wow! World class! While in China, Tony also met with several AV technology, design and architecture press, including Insider and LP - click the links below to see these articles.

Grimani Trainings in Europe

Anthony Grimani was on the road this month, training distributors, integrators and commercial contractors in Denmark, Sweden and the UK on Acoustical Tuning Techniques for home theater, featuring MSR's Dimension4 line of acoustical tuning modules.  More than 100 enthusiastic trainees attended sessions hosted by HTP in Copenhagen, Elektronik in Stockholm, and Anthem AV in East Sussex, England.  According to Tony, "Both groups had lots of great questions and many stayed long after the training to soak up as much knowledge as they could. They were even tweeting what they learned after the session!"

KTVU: Taming a Noisy Newsroom

KTVU in Northern California recently implemented a remodel of its newsroom, going from a closed office space to an open environment. While this kind of space is more collaborative, it can also be pretty noisy as the sounds of each department blast through the air and bounce off the walls, floors and ceilings. In this space, loud police scanners, raging phones, and live broadcast monitors created a noise level that negatively impacted working staff's concentration. When enough was enough, Jim Haman, KTVU's director of broadcast operations, contacted MSR's engineering division, PMI, to see what could be done. "We're certainly familiar with acoustic baffling in studios and announce booths, but within a larger room with multiple sources of sounds, it was more complicated to find a single solution," explained Haman. "Scanners, audio from computers and overall room noise was combining to a level that was affecting individuals and their tolerance

High Performance Installations: Self Storage Listening Room

Our client has a large self-storage unit for his collection of classic cars and wanted to add a top-of-the-line 2-channel audiophile environment to the space. The storage space is approximately the size of a small airplane hangar, and is located next to the Monterey Regional airport that services major 737 carriers. As you can imagine, jet noise and audiophile music could have been a combustible combination. PMI Engineering was hired to design a complete sound-proofed room, and MSR supplied specialty sound isolation materials along with a Dimension4 Symphony acoustical tuning system. The end result was music to the client's ears!     For more info on MSR's innovative acoustical solutions, please visit our website .

MSR Acoustics at 2014 International CES

At the 2014 International CES we participated in the Elite Home Entertainment Experience, lauded as an "over-the-top, killer home theater demo experience" by reporter John Sciacca from Residential System s magazine!   MSR supplied a Dimension4 Symphony 550 acoustical tuning system to control the room's internal acoustics. PMI engineered the room acoustics, optics, room and audio system layout, and screen specifications. In a matter of a day and half, our group created a world-class private screening room inside a basic ballroom of the Venetian congress area.   In partnership with the fine people from Triad Speakers, ADA, BitWise, Digital Projections, Screen Excellence, D-BOX, Fortress, Kaleidescape, PPC, and Torus Power, we set up the speakers, lighting, video, programming, source material, etc. Great picture, great sound, motion seats, easily controlled; a dream come true for any discerning AV client. We ran demos every 15 minutes and peo

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