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Project Case Study: Therapy Studios

Therapy Studios is a busy post-production house in West Los Angeles. With a big feature film project in the works, they realized it was important to improve their main sound room. Initially, they thought they just needed some acoustical tuning materials. After contacting PMI and meeting with Anthony Grimani, they learned the room needed complete renovation - and talk about "asap" they needed it done in less than a week!  The main problem was sound isolation – the room had essentially no isolation on the right wall and the ceiling so sounds from adjacent spaces were seeping into the studio. Moving at warp speed, PMI engineered the space, contracted the building and installation, specified and secured the gear, and actually got the whole project completed in four days from start to finish. Here’s some of what we achieved in record time:   Completely reconstructed the right side wall with a resilient framing system.  Reconstructed the ceiling with a sound-isolated,

Project Case Study: South of Market

PMI is a team of highly organized and seasoned professionals who sweat the details. In fact, we’ve been known to spend dozens of hours on wiring diagrams alone! Our services run the gamut from room design and layout through to audio + video commissioning and calibration.  We offer excellent project management to orchestrate any level of process, from the simplest project to the most complex. Having designed and engineered more than 500 purpose-built and multi-purpose entertainment spaces, we've pretty much seen it all, and yet we continually encounter new challenges along the way. Our expertise lies in the detail with which we approach each project, and the many tools and resources we’ve developed to fulfill our mission of “doing it the right way.”   PROJECT BRIEF   This project is a sleek, modern home with an industrial flair in the trendy South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco. The interior of the home feels cool and spacious, not what you’d expect from condensed cit

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