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Room Within a Room in Singapore

The second place CEDIA Awards winner this year is a room in a new luxury high-rise condo which was converted into a dedicated listening room and home cinema for an uncompromising audiophile client. The design brief included (1) housing the client’s five very large Meridian 25th anniversary edition DSP8000SE speakers, (2) matching the modern, slick and artsy interiors of the residence, and, (3) serving as a fully soundproofed retreat from Singapore’s hustle and bustle. Our mission was to design and engineer an environment that could support and enhance a very sophisticated digital  audiophile audio system, with full soundfield quality expectations, and instantly switch to movie studio-grade AV  performance. The client wanted to spend a lot of time enjoying his passion for music and films, so the interior feel had to be comfortable and clean. This is probably the only room in the world with five of the large special edition Meridian  speakers, and the resulting looks, sound and pict

Modern Luxe Home Cinema in Nantucket

The first-place winner at the CEDIA Home Technology Professional Awards this year was a basement-level, ultra-high-end home cinema in a new house in Nantucket, Massachusetts. This project took two years of development as part of the overall construction of a gorgeous villa nestled among pine forest. The client is a detail-oriented audiophile and videophile who owns an aerospace engineering company, and demands nothing but the best. He had owned several systems before, and was familiar with the products and brands of our industry. He wanted absolute perfection in picture and sound reproduction, and after intently studying all the options, was willing to take the time it took for thorough engineering and project management; a rare privilege! The interior architecture and design of the theater was to be “clean, slick, and modern”, and we completed the design work and lighting design in-house. After several months of deliberations and listening tests of various sound systems, we set

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